Pleasanton Big Draw

Showing up at 9AM on Saturday I  could tell Pleasanton was in for a big day.  Normally a quiet suburban town, the whole town seemed to descend upon downtown.  Every seat outside Tully’s coffee was taken, and multiple restaurants had waiting lines for breakfast.  The weather was warm and skies were clear, a great day for a community festival.  Many people went to the farmers market, while nervous children moved in and out of the crowds.  Some of the children were finding spots to draw images in chalk for the Big Draw, others were getting ready for a recital.  The Pleasanton Cultural Arts Council had set up pianos around downtown, and children were with their instructors performed outdoor recitals.  From classical to jazz, children played on painted pianos and received certificates from the Big Draw for their performances.


Professional chalk artists impressed with drawings, while the firehouse arts center played music to entertain vistors that weren’t on Main Street.  You couldn’t go anywhere and escape community activities.

By noon the line from Milk to get ice cream was 20 deep, and the temperature moved towards 90 degrees.  Just a wonderful community event.